Measuring social impact

Being a social enterprise, Believe NJ seeks in creating ripples of social impact within and beyond the organisation itself. We researched & identified the possible social impact results, and thereby adopt both qualitative & quantitative methodology in the measurement studies.

Social changes in the intellectually challenged youths that worked in Believe NJ

Below list of observed improvements in the intellectually challenged youths but not limited to:

  • Gain more confidence in performing tasks independently
  • More awareness of time and punctuality
  • Being motivated to work
  • Better at managing their stress
  • Enhance in the speed in performing work tasks
  • Become more flexible & able to undertake more work tasks
  • Able to better relate & express their feelings

Change in perspective by general public towards the intellectually challenged youths

Words from general public that visited Believe NJ and had the opportunity to meet and interact with the intellectually challenged youths:

"(The intellectually challenged youths are) very passionate about doing their job well and friendly. If I have my own company, I will consider employing them."

"Each of them has their own personality just like anyone else. They may need time to get acquainted with people and begin communicating"

"My interaction with the youths at Believe NJ has been positive so far. I have a better understanding of the intellectually challenged youths now."

"I'm glad to see how they are learning to do his job well, and I'm very happy that they have this opportunity."

"They are friendly, polite and nice. Just that they require more time and patience when communicating with them."

"My views on these youths has been changed by contact with them at Believe NJ. They are capable of providing needed services and functions. They can earn their keep and hold useful jobs."