Our Vision

Our commitment to innovatively develop and pioneer social enterprise business models towards inspiring long term employability for intellectually challenged youths in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

Our Mission

Our pursuit in determining work skill sets and harnessing the talents of intellectually challenged youths through modified work process and values development supported through continuous diagnoses, testing and fine tuning.

Our Guiding Philosophy

We aspire to be pure in spirit and soul, in order to dream and create, without constraints and restraints, for and with the intellectually challenged youths.

Origins of Believe NJ

Believe NJ started with a dream, believing in that the intellectually challenged youths can actually integrate into community living to work and lead a meaningful life. Setting up a café for the intellectually challenged youths was the first step taken in attempt to realise the dream. The foundation of the dream was fuelled with passion to successfully impart work and social skills to the intellectually challenged youths.

The realisation of the dream was paved with much difficulties and restrictions. Despite the hardship, the struggle with sweat and toil eventually bore fruits of success, in which the wasteland became a shelter for the intellectually challenged youths, bringing:

  • Learning and mastering skill sets, i.e. baking and serving
  • Understanding teamwork and responsibilities
  • Caring and sharing with friends
  • Gaining Independence and confidence
  • Integrating into mainstream
  • And fulfilment ...

Since founded in 2008, Believe NJ evolved from a workplace home, vocation training ground to a successful social enterprise model for the intellectually challenged youths.

Today, Believe NJ is no longer a café establishment, but rather pioneer in social enterprise business development based on research and developmental work. The spirit shall continue to identify and develop new models that shall benefit the intellectually challenged youths.